Shades of Pink Foundation

Shades of Pink Foundation

Our founder and president, Tony Conniff, came across the Shades of Pink Foundation through his good friend Coleen Stevens. Coleen was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2020. She found out about Shades of Pink Foundation through her breast surgeon, Dr. Pamela R. Benitez. The foundation aligns very closely to Dr. Kristy KC Foundation's mission and beliefs and was a perfect fit to become our next partner. Here is a bit more about Shades of Pink Foundation...

Their Mission

Many patients who are diagnosed with breast cancer have extra financial burdens placed on them during treatment and recovery. Common issues are insurance payments, food, transportation, childcare, and other essentials of daily life. It is the mission of Shades of Pink Foundation to offer temporary financial assistance during their time of need.

Their Impact 

Since 2005, Shades of Pink Foundation has helped hundreds of breast cancer patients and survivors throughout Southeast Michigan. SOPF has provided financial support by assisting with utility bills, rent and mortgage payments, COBRA payments, day care fees, transportation costs and other bills. We are proud of our achievements in giving back to our community in a real tangible way. By paying bills directly, thus relieving patients of that burden, we are giving them the opportunity to move forward with cancer treatments.

Their Vision

Shades of Pink Foundation was founded on the very simple principle that no person should have to forgo life-saving medical treatment to pay for monthly bills. By working with individuals, businesses and organizations throughout our community, we are building a comprehensive program to provide assistance to patients in need. Focused on longevity and sustainability, Shades of Pink Foundation is dedicated to ensuring that breast cancer patients throughout Southeast Michigan have access to a financial safety net so they can focus household resources on treatment and recovery.

Dr. Kristy KC Foundation has donated $20,000 to Shades of Pink Foundation to further both our missions to support those affected by breast cancer.